More Mesa Shores Homeowners Association Committees

Architectural Committee
Name Contact
Chair: Cathy Moseley 805-967-2053
Patricia Feingold 805-683-0603
Doug Keep 805-729-0770
John Mills 805-964-8525
Charlie Stolar
Sandra Austin 805-895-6789
Beach Committee
Name Contact
Chair: TBD 805-999-9999
Patricia Feingold 805-683-0603
Gordon Feingold 805-683-0603
Doug Keep 805-729-0770
Mark Moseley 805-967-2053
Diane Keep 805-729-7932

Road Committee
Road Name Contact
Chair: Tom Condon 805-302-5991
James Road Diane Dodds 805-689-7031
Via Valverde East Steve Sweeney 805-967-8515
Via Valverde West Holly Melton 805-681-0060
Camino Floral John Vampola 805-964-4655
Barwick Road Loren Solin 805-886-7340
Orchid Extension Tom Condon 805-302-5991
Louisiana East Carol Hildebrand 805-452-2905
Louisiana West Todd Ridenour 805-729-2700
Austin West Sandra Austin 805-895-6789

Please contact any of us with any suggestions or concerns about our roads