Board of Directors

The Board of Directors, as well as all the comminttee members that serve the More Mesa Homeowners Association are volunteers who are nominated and elected by the residents of our community. We encourage all residents to participate in any way possible to ensure that our community continues to be the kind of place that we all enjoy so very much.

We encourage you to contact the board by email so that your correspondence is viewed by all board members.
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Gail Johnson
(805) 886-5539
Vice President
Sandra Austin
Vice President
Donald Goodman
Jim Peterson
(805) 729-3053
Tom Condon

Procedure to address issues, concerns or suggestions to the More Mesa Board of Directors

The Board of Directors would like to inform you that a new procedure is now in place to assist any resident of More Mesa Shores to:

  • Voice an issue which needs to be brought to attention of the Board
  • Voice a concern regarding a violation of the CC&R’s
  • Provide a platform to make constructive suggestions which benefit the More Mesa Shores community.

The protocol to proceed with any of the above items is as follows:

Residents are invited to attend any of the monthly Board of Directors meetings. A ten minute time slot will be given each resident to make their presentation. The matter will be addressed by the Board at the next monthly meeting. To schedule a time slot, residents simply need to phone any of the members of the Board of Directors to schedule a time and to know where and when the meeting will take place. Normally meetings are held once a month in the homes of any of the members on the Board.

The Board feels that this new procedure will ensure that all residents have an opportunity to be heard. Any decision or action taken by the board will be within the guidance of the published CC&R’s and the Bylaws of the More Mesa Shores Homeowners Association.